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FUE Technique for Hair Transplant

This technique is also known as the FUE technique, which is the basic technique, and the first to be relied upon in hair transplantation, and the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area, and then the best one is chosen, and then the channels are opened with a sharp machine, and then the extracted follicles are implanted again In the area that suffers from baldness The cost of the operation is determined after the first inspection is free of charge, according to each case.

Hair Fiber Spray / Black / Blonde / Gray / Brown

Get long hair in just 30 seconds It is suitable for all hair types with 5 different color options. It is easy to use, you can do it yourself Thanks to its special content, it fills the gaps in the hair and also nourishes the scalp. High resistance to water, rain and sweat thanks to nanotechnology.

laser hair treatment

Laser devices used in many fields of modern medicine have gained a place in hair treatment. Low doses are applied to the scalp after laser treatment, which increases blood flow and provides more nourishment to the hair follicles. In the case of hair loss for various reasons, the factors that lead to solutions are adopted, which is medical treatment. Medicines that stress hormones and androgens accelerate blood circulation in the scalp, and there are also other medicinal preparations and tablets The pattern of dosing and anesthesia is determined after a study by specialists after examination and testing. Low hair extraction rate. However, when applied to fine and tired hair, noticeable recovery and thickness are noted   The cost of the operation is determined after the first inspection is free of charge, according to each case.

Procedures before and after hair transplant

Procedures to be taken into account before the hair transplant operation You should not drink alcohol ten days before the operation. And do not use medicines such as aspirin, ibuprorin and isoprin. The specialist must be informed if any type of medication is used due to chronic or acute diseases The head should not be painted with any kind of ointment, powder or spray before the operation When coming to the operation, you must wear comfortable clothes that you can put on and take off easily Do not bring your car with you when you come for the procedure Reducing smoking if used by some Procedures that should be taken care of after a hair transplant operation We must be very careful in the first week after the operation. Attention must be paid to contact with another body. After 15 days after the completion of this process, the hair begins to break down and fall out gradually, and it will end after the fall after about a month and a half and to four months, according to the people. After 6 to 8 months, new hair begins to grow by 70 to 80 percent, and after a year we get the final result. After 4 weeks of the operation, you should not do any kind of sports, swimming, sauna, or lifting weights. When leaving the house, you must wear a hat according to the instructions that you are told You can return to your normal life one day after the operation You can perform simple exercises fifteen days after the operation In the case of smokers, you should reduce smoking or refrain from smoking if possible. This helps in treating the wound site and hair growth properly and better The hat should be used for 3 months in case of intense exposure to sunlight or rain While taking medication, you should abstain from drinking alcohol A slight swelling can be seen in the forehead area after the operation. And in order to prevent this from happening, the medicines must be taken correctly and as you are notified by the specialists, and also by placing a piece of ice on the forehead area…   The cost of the operation is determined after the first inspection is free of charge, according to each case.


Rhinoplasty is a very common procedure, although it is sometimes difficult. The goals of the operation vary, from being cosmetic to improve the appearance of the nose, or functional to improve breathing. In some cases, the patient wants to achieve both goals. It is known that the nose externally consists of a bony upper part and a lower cartilaginous part, and there is also the nasal septum, which consists of a bony part and a cartilaginous part.   Objectives of the plastic surgery The plastic surgery aims to fix the following defects: Deviation of the nose and nasal bridge. Deviation of the cartilage that forms the front of the nose. The nose bridge is clearly visible. Narrowing or widening of the nostrils. Enlargement of the nose. Weakness of the front of the nose and the front edge. The size of the upper part is inconsistent with the lower part of the nose, or vice versa. - Beautification of congenital defects of the nose. How to perform the operation This operation is usually performed under general anesthesia, and its duration ranges from one to two hours. There are usually two ways: the internal method and the external method. The internal method is usually performed in simple or medium cases, where it is performed by making an internal incision between the lower and upper nasal cartilages without any external incisions. As for the external method, it is done in cases where there are distortions, or a clear deviation. It is performed through a surgical incision to separate the skin from the inner tissues of the nose. However, this method leaves a small scar that is usually not noticed. The cost of the operation is determined after the first inspection is free of charge, according to each case.

Sapphire fue for hair transplantation

The sapphire blade is the name of the special blades used in the "canal opening" stage that have the ability to directly affect the result of hair transplantation. As the name implies, these blades made entirely of sapphire were obtained as a result of the studies that have been carried out in order to be able to provide a more advanced technique. Create incisions within the recipient site. Steel blades can cause further damage to the hair follicles when cutting in areas where hair follicles still remain. Sapphire blades with their smooth edges will not damage the existing hair, this is a very big advantage of sapphire. Sapphire blades are antimicrobial and Sapphire blades provide a more natural look, faster healing process and 30% thicker hair. As the incisions for the implant are created smaller, tissue recovery is faster with steel blades, faster with sapphire blades than with the help of sapphire blade channels, the grafts maintain their direction of growth original after transplantation. The cost of the operation is determined after the first inspection is free of charge, according to each case.

Scalp injections to nourish hair (hair mesotherapy)

It is a technique of injecting the scalp with a special needle to nourish the hair with vitamins, minerals and microelements necessary for hair growth According to the scale of the problem, the number of sessions to be applied is determined. Usually 6-8 sessions are sufficient. Mesotherapy is the biggest factor in hair nourishment and provides the skin of the head with sufficient thickness for transplanting hair follicles and preventing them from falling out independently. The cost of the operation is determined after the first inspection is free of charge, according to each case.

Shaveless Choi Pen Technology

This technique is newer than the technique of harvesting previously, and we talked about it, and it saves time and effort The effort in the extraction technique. In which the specialist resorts to the use of specific pens for each patient. These pens work to implant the follicles taken from the donor area directly into the bald area without the need to resort to the procedure of opening the channels before implanting the follicles, because the pens work to open the channels, and insert the follicles At the same time The cost of the operation is determined after the first inspection is free of charge, according to each case.