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(-18°C) cold room

PORTABLE COLD STORAGES GENERAL FEATURES - It is light, durable and provides montage facility. - It provides the best and the longest time storage of meat, milk, vegetable and all other food in the cold storages which are prepared. - RAL 9002 is used with the electrostatic painted sheet metals. - The thicness of the panel is manufactured as 80 mm with the fresh keeping rooms and 120 mm and 150 mm with the frozen storage rooms. - Our panels are consisted of the side-by-side, dovetailed to each other and locking system. - Its installation is made by the technical team using technical equipment. - Gas: 404 A   COLD ROOM DOOR GENERAL FEATURES - The interior and exterior surfaces of the door are made of RAL 9002 electrostatic painted sheet metals and the inside is insulated with 42 kg/m3 density polyurethane injection. - The door handles are of lockable-type with a safety mechanism that can be opened from inside and outside. - The insulation thickness is made as 80 mm in the cold rooms and 120 mm and 150 mm in the frozen storages. - Gas:404 A   STYROFOAM/DOW GENEL FEATURES - Perfect and continual heat insulation feature - Perfect resistance against water and zero capillarity